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Steve Haskell - Bass, Vocals
Greg Wyse - Guitar
Tom Burton - Drums, Vocals
Jon Noffsinger - Guitar, Vocals
David Sapadin - Keyboards
Mike Duffey - Vocals











Sept 23, 2000
Stiff Kitty
Farewell Concert at The Shore Club, Aurora, IL


David Sapadin & Greg Wyse Mike Duffey
Mike Duffey, Greg Wyse, Jon Noffsinger, Steve Haskell Greg Wyse "Just Like Heaven"
Greg Wyse, Jon Noffsinger, Steve Haskell Mike Duffy - Sounding an awful lot like Jim Morrison!
Jon Noffsinger picks "Wanted Dead or Alive" David Sapadin on "Love Me Two Times"
David Sapadin Steve Haskell
Steve Haskell & Tom Burton Tom Burton gets into "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong"
Tom Burton Greg Wyse

Stiff Kitty played together for over 10 years. Now Steve has moved to San Diego,
make that Minneapolis!  And Stiff Kitty is honored by the the oblique
reference to Stiff Kitty in the name chosen for Steve's new band,  "Spooky Poodle"


Photos from Stiff Kitty Reunion Performance April, 2006

Thanks to all the loyal Stiff Kitty fans who have supported the first, the original,
and the most versatile all air traffic controller band of all time!


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Across The River - Perrformed By Stiff Kitty

Never Say Goodbye - Performed By Stiff Kitty

River of the Demon - By Stiff Kitty
© Steve Haskell, 1996

Let The Music Begin - By Stiff Kitty
© Steve Haskell, 1996


On The Run - By Stiff Kitty
© Steve Haskell, 1996

Back In The USSR - Performed By Stiff Kitty


Mike Duffey, Phil Chen and Robby Krieger of The Doors- 9/20/08

Mike Duffey with Ray Manzarek of The Doors 9-20-08

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