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And where were you in 1961?
Maybe you were in Levering, Michigan!
If you were, maybe you can spot
yourself in the photo below!


Then again, you just might find yourself
in this one instead!

1961 Pirates
Back - David Sapadin (me), Steve Cole, Jeff Lammers, Steve Hogan
Front - Chris Ayers, Fred Kummer, Mike Borden
Counselor - Bill Griffith


Or in this video clip!

Thanks to Andy Campbell!

This is the original 1961 "Honor Board!"
That is me, David Sapadin, in 1980.

There are several more fotos at this website!
If you want to download some, just click on
the foto you wish to see! After the foto downloads,
just click "back" to get back here!

Sea Wall #1
Sea Wall #2
Sea Wall #3
Sea Wall #4
Sea Wall #5
Privateer Cabin
Privateers, another view
The "Wonder Bar"
Norsemen Cabin
The "Yacht Basin"
Camper Fred
Unidentified Camper
Forlorn Tether-Ball Pole
"Manitou Ln" Street Sign
The Theater in Cheboygan
Ryba's Fudge-Mackinac Island
The Boy Scout Camp, Mackinac Island
The "Forum"

John Campbell sent these fotos 8/2/02
Someone evidently picked up some 
of the camper cabins and moved
them (in one piece!) to a nearby
farmer's field

8/14/03 On Heileman Rd.

There were names like Wes White, Andy Whipple, Rusty DeJong,
Dick Wynn, Bill Griffith, Mike Borten, Jeff Lammers, David Abel,
Steve Hogan, Kim Hogan, Brad Bogue, Chris Ayer, Fred Kummer,
Joe Shemiot, Wayne Bailey, Dan Schneider, Tim Vorce,
Steve Norman, Bob Cleveland, Duncan Hughes, Kim Wade, Dave Easlick
Steve Cole, Andy Balterman, Bobby Bergstein, Terry Fralich,
Peter Detweiler, Peter Osher, Jim McDonald, T. Fox, D. Fox,
Dave Hendrix, Dan Hendrix, Pete Marcus, Lou Brindle,
Bill Hubbard, Nick van der Schalie, Eric van der Schalie,
Rich Guggenheim, Dave Fox, Dave Easlick, Mike Hubbard,
Jenkins, Shelton, Kelly, Vannier, Cobbe, Johnson, and Harvey.

So far, I have heard from:
Arnold vanderSchalie
Eric vanderSchalie
Nick vanderSchalie
Tim Vorce
Dave Easlick
Andy Balterman
Bill Hubbard
Mike Hubbard
Terry Fralich
Rich Olsaver
Gary Olsaver
Duncan Hughes
Alexander Krezel
Andrew Campbell
John "Fritz" Campbell
David Conroy
Steve Cole
Scott Pickerel
Bill Houston


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